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the home of general Linux info is here



A memo of my attempt at going virtual with my Lego bricks using my linux boxes: mlcad, ldview and suchlikes.

NXT: Here we enter another territorry, but I haven't got enough time lately

              A Free ROBOT ought to do MORE, won't you AGREE?

This place is my own little webspace dedicated to hack around the LEGO "8527" MindStorms NXT set using only free, open-source software. Not only does it fit my obsessions with FOSS, it's also:

Feel free to contribute, if like me you are freeing your Brick with a GNU/Linux box using OpenSource Software - anyone can register, but only a valid email will allow editing; sorry, I just cleared about 4.000+ spam MySQL entries...

           Quick Links: Snippets - - Docs - - Howtos - - Categories - - Links - - Wiki spirit

By software, scripts and graphical interfaces, the objective is to program our "Free Bots" doing fun things in either nbc, nxc, python languages. Care to join? In true Wiki spirit, there is a need to register to participate because I took too much spam, alas. Registering allows you to dig deeper into the inner workings of the Wiki; should you wish to involve yourself with the administration of this resource, please drop me a line here

While this is just the starting point, lets organise ourselves: If you want to publish something here, welcome, most warmly; at the moment knowledge is to be categorized between links, Howto, Software, Hardware and Snippets. Feel free to self-categorize your contributions, I'll do the cleaning later!

Lola 10:23, 3 July 2008 (UTC)

the Tropical Ice Cube was here

Tropical Ice Cube

A Log of the multiple failures of my new phone

Fucking smart-my-ass phone shit

Lola 07:42, 7 April 2011 (UTC)

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