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Free and open source software information links, and also general technology Information.

Less Serious:

[These are the links to STUFF; see also Community portal for links to people/groups.]

my blog is

the NXC/NBC language and docs base:

The forum topic to get USB and BT speaking to your brick is here

The nbc compiler and companion utility tools for Linux:

official soureceforge package:

[I can't find a proper download source for the NexTTol-for-Linux package, it's only available as attachment in a post by J. Hansen on NXTasy forum, but you have to register to be able to download from them!]

original package on verimag website:

J. Hansen's Enhanced Firmware (not mandatory at this stage):


For more verbosity on the global framework, see my:

Success Story

Summary of SourceForge current NXT projects:

There's quite a weath of projects with the NXT keyword being hosted by SourceForge as of now; The most famous of them all being BrixCC of course.

But, please do throw an eye on these ones as well:

&& report here if you find more!

real links, organized:

Official links 
NXT links 
GNU/Linux links 

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