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Slackware 12.2 
Freshly installed with Main Workstation status here at> Tropical Central, Slackware
is all what you expect - and all what you fear: upon start-up, you only end
up in a terminal,  keyboard layout is undefined... Well, it feels a bit barebone really. But
then, you need something,  pull the code from source and compiling wouldn't fail - alongside with
Gentoo, Slackware is the  sole distribution that I know where you can do that out-of-the-box. The ToDo
list you end up with  when installing Slackware is a bit longer than with some others, but this
12.2 one got me with  working sound and network, playing flash anims, movies & music! Ok, my
webcam and microphone aren't  there yet, but who says that Slack was a MultimediaMonster? It's not; it's a
full-featured, carefully crafted traditional distribution that is intended to feel, look
and act as Linux was always meant to be. It feels good.

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