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Tropical Ice Cube Newsletter #8: Not The NewsLetter

From: "Jean-Philippe 'Tropical Ice Cube' Monteiro" <jph@zenerves.net>
pplug@googlegroups.com, barcampphnompenh@googlegroups.com, jugcam@googlegroups.com
09/02/25 - 09:21

[My apologies if you receive this message 2 or 3 times: it means you are a very committed person registered to the 3 fine groups I send this NewsLetter to!]

Howdy, Nixettes and Nixers!

Sorry real life took it's toll this week, and I had to do some real work, earn real money and all that; besides, Telesurf suspended my unlimited-at-night account so I was prevented from further downloads anyway. A pity since nice stuff was out this week, check it out on


Don't despair, I still run the service, only there is no news, no newsletter and no new downloads this week :(


!! Don't Forget !!

The Tropical Ice Cube always keep the 10 most important Linux Distributions available in their most recent release figure - JUST ASK!


As Ever, lots of OpenSource Software for M$ too!

"Send a Text Message, Receive Linux for Free"

Getting your computer running Open Source, free software has never been so easy in Phnom Penh: Just send us a Text Message from your Mobile Phone, and get the Linux Distribution of your choice, for free!

Text/call on 012 561 005 with either:

   * Your request for Linux distro, with pick-up yourself at my office: I will reply with street 

address and delay/time to pick up the disc;

   * Your distro request with your street address and possible hours for delivery; cost is 1usd per 

disc/dvd, Business Hours best.

This newsletter brought to you by Jean-Philippe Monteiro The Tropical Ice Cube

twit: tropicalicecube web: tropicalicecube.zenerves.net mail: tic /AT\ zenerves.net Face: Tropicalicecube Phnompenh Facebook Tropical Ice Cube Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=62414700265 Phnom Penh Linux User Group http://groups.google.com/group/pplug

Mob: 012 561 005

Disclaimer: This "Newsletter" intends to be low-traffic and informative, to be sent maximum of once a week. The editor chooses which groups/lists to send this newsletter to and is a member of said groups/lists. If you think it is inappropriate, please bring your complaint to your group/list administrator to ban me from sending to the group, but first please consider other members of the group may enjoy reading it!

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