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09/01/12 - 11:19 Tropical Ice Cube Newsletter #3: Micro$oft to get the Open Source treatment!

 From:   Jean-Philippe 'Tropical Ice Cube' Monteiro
 To:   pplug@googlegroups.com, barcampphnompenh@googlegroups.com 

This Week, the Mighty Penguins ventures into Closed-Source waters...

TwitMe! Hook to http://twitter.com/tropicalicecube. Spread the newsletter! Send it to your friends, get them to register to the Phnom Penh Linux User Group at: http://groups.google.com/group/pplug

Visit http://tic.zenerves.net for a full list of available Open Source alternatives for your computing performance and pleasure + more info and help.


Free Software for your Micro$oft boxes! Ever heard of Firefox? Well, yes I am sure. It's open source, safe, with tons of plugins and scripts available to tweak your browsing experience with less ads, less flash-stolen bandwidth and so on. I have for you this week a Full CD Bundle packed with the best opensource software for your safetyand compliance.

Now, get rid of those Russian-Marked-Grade poorly copied software! Check out http://tic.zenerves.net/latest_news.html to know more

http://tic.zenerves.net is still improving; the site underwent major code cleanup, drop-down menus [only for Firefox, Opera ;)] - Leaner, faster!

These nice people at The Open Institute gave me 20 gorgeous-looking KhmerOS/openSUSE11 cd/dvd combo boxes last week - they are available for free, and Yes, I still have some! As usual, text me on 012 561 005 to grab yours.

SHOWCASE: Distro Of The Week.

Slackware 12.2 - Freshly installed with Main Workstation status here at Tropical Central, Slackware is all what you expect - and all what you fear: upon start-up, you only end up in a terminal, keyboard layout is undefined... Well, it feels a bit barebone really. But then, you need something, pull the code from source and compiling wouldn't fail - alongside with Gentoo, Slackware is the sole distribution that I know where you can do that out-of-the-box. The ToDo list you end up with when installing Slackware is a bit longer than with some others, but this 12.2 one got me with working sound and network, playing flash anims, movies & music! Ok, my webcam and microphone aren't there yet, but who says that Slack was a MultimediaMonster? It's not; it's a full-featured, carefully crafted traditional distribution that is intended to feel, look and act as Linux was always meant to be. It feels good.

LATEST Additions to the DISTROthèque Repository

OpenSource Software for M$ Firefox 3 - get rid of Internet Explorer! OpenOffice 3 - get rid of Word/Excell/etc! The Gimp 2.6 - get rid of Photoshop! Thunderbird 2 - get rid of outlook/outlook express VLC 0.9 - Well, VLC is better than anything else really.

Linux Specialised Distributions: Ubuntu Server 8.04LTS for 32 and 64 bits platforms

Linux Distributions: Official KhmerOS release of openSUSE11 boxed CD and DVDs Fedora 10 InstallDVD for 32bits architectures Slackware 12.2 i386 InstallDVD Sabayon 4.0

This Week recommended READINGS:

Get your Firewall up! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7812353.stm

Ubuntu to Rule The World? http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/11/business/11ubuntu.html?_r=1


T.I.C could benefit from your help: see http://tic.zenerves.net/faq.html#contribute to check how you can participate in this project and help spread Free Software further in Phnom Penh and Cambodia.


UBUNTU is shipping!

"https://shipit.ubuntu.com/specialrequest: 10 CDs requested on 2009-01-05. 10 CDs were approved and sent to the shipping company on 2009-01-06. Please note requests usually take from 4 to 6 weeks to deliver, depending on the country of shipping." said the robot :) So, soon I'll have the officially packaged/printed Ubuntu latest media!

You too, Like YOOLK, can help. I am sure your company can find a way to see it's name valued in the Phnom Penh Open Source community. Share open source software, download them, advertise T.I.C - there are many ways, and I am sure I am talking to a quite creative audience here!

(www.yoolk.com - the people behind the software for the YellowPages)


Keeping on the Full Khmer train: there's more software out there!

"Send a Text Message, Receive Linux for Free"

Getting your computer running Open Source, free software has never been so easy in Phnom Penh: Just send us a Text Message from your Mobile Phone, and get the Linux Distribution of your choice, for free!

Text me on 012 561 005 with either:

   * Your request for Linux distro, with pick-up yourself at my office: I will reply with street 

address and delay/time to pick up the disc;

   * Your distro request with your street address and possible hours for delivery; cost is 1usd per 

disc/dvd, Business Hours best.

This newsletter brought to you by Jean-Philippe Monteiro The Tropical Ice Cube DISTROtheque Maintainer

twit: tropicalicecube web: tropicalicecube.zenerves.net mail: tic /AT\ zenerves.net Mob: 012 561 005

--Slackware 12.2 / Enlightenment DR16--

Disclaimer: This "Newsletter" intends to be low-traffic and informative, to be sent maximum of once a week. The editor chooses which groups/lists to send this newsletter to and is a member of said groups/lists. If you think it is inappropriate, please bring your complaint to your group/list administrator to ban me from sending to the group.

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