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08/12/26 - 12:28 Tropical Ice Cube Newsletter #1: We have Lift Off!

 From:   Jean-Philippe 'Tropical Ice Cube' Monteiro
 To:   pplug@googlegroups.com, barcampphnompenh@googlegroups.com, ppppkh@googlegroups.com, BCC: jph@bhor-allarts.org 

The Tropical Ice Cube, a refuge for all sorts of Penguins, is proud to announce the continuation of our programme:

"Send a Text Message, Receive Linux for Free"

Getting your computer running Open Source, free software has never been so easy in Phnom Penh: Just send us a Text Message from your Mobile Phone, and get the Linux Distribution of your choice, for free!

Text me on 012 561 005 with either:

   * Your request for Linux distro, with pick-up yourself at my office: I will reply with street
     address and delay/time to pick up the disc;
   * Your distro request with your street address and possible hours for delivery; cost is 1usd per 
     disc/dvd, Business Hours best.

Visit tic.zenerves.net for a full list of available Open Source alternatives for your computing performance and pleasure + more info and help, the page is young so it is updated often.


There is a Wiki now where people can fill their fedback about distributions they use, post recipes for troubleshooting past issues, and, of course, post ideas on how to make the Tropical Ice Cube job better. http://wiki.zenerves.net/index.php/Tropical_Ice_Cube

I have started receiving quite some enquiries, and issued 5 distros already, with two more on their way. Not bad. Any more ideas to spread the opensource adoption in Phnom Penh, feel free to contribute, here or to the wiki.

TWIT! Follow me on twitter where I post newly arrived Linux Distributions as soon as I grab them. www.twitter.com/tropicalicecube

Showcases: Distro Of The Week.

ELIVE LiveCD Development Version 1.9.21

New In from wget last night: EliveCD is Debian Lenny based with the Enlightenment DR16 and DR17 Window Managers. Elive features incredible graphics for slow PCs. Actually, it's so good you should make it: Incredible Graphic for _all_ PCs - without any accelerated video hardware! Enlightenment is a completely different experience when it comes to Graphical User Interface - and useability, too. It is not very obvious when you start it, but truly great once acquainted with. Should I mention it is my personal choice for years now? I am a bit partial about this particular piece of software, indeed.

www.enlightenment.org www.elivecd.org

Latest Additions to the Distrothèque Repository

Linux Distributions:

CentOS - 5.2 installDVD - i386
       RedHat based, valid to 2014.
Elive - 1.9.21 LiveCD - i386
       Showcase/demo, Runs on old hardware with stunning looks.
Fedora - 10 LiveCD      - I386 & x64
       !No OpenOffice! but cool demo tool.
Fedora - 10 InstallDVD - x64
       Latest Greatest, my personal choice for years now.
Mandriva - 2008 installDVD - i386
       Good alternative for starting with Linux
Mint - 6 LiveCD - i386
       Ubuntu Derivative with ease of use in mind
openSUSE - 11_Khmer_LiveCD - i386      
       That's right: Your computer can be fully in Khmer, with text editor, web browser, settings, games!
openSUSE - 10_Khmer_DVD - i386 
       This is the "Big Install" version, with more stable software for the office.
Ubuntu - 8.10  LiveCD - I386 & x64 - 
       WiFi is working now!!


PC-BSD - 7.02  InstallDVD - i386 
       Server/Desktop alternative to Linux, with KDE4, OpenOffice, etc.
OpenSolaris - 2008.11 LiveCD - i386
       Another open source alternative to Linux. More obscure, if possible.

This Week recommended Readings:

On Operating Systems: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/16/the_year_in_oses/page3.html

SUSE gets ArtsTechnica Awards: http://arstechnica.com/articles/culture/ars-awards-2008.ars/7


T.I.C could benefit from your help: see tic.zenerves.net/#Contribute to check how you can participate in this project and help spread Free Software further in Phnom Penh and Cambodia.


Like GoldStar Computer, #428 on Kampuchea Krom who is providing me with blank DVD's, I am sure your company can find a way to help and see it's name valued in the Phnom Penh Open Source community.

[If you have doubts on your Linux-running hardware, Vandy from GoldStar offers free check-up of your machine - Call him 0t2 857 165. If you have doubts about running Linux on your hardware, then come to me 012 561 005]

This newsletter brought to you by Jean-Philippe Monteiro The Tropical Ice Cube Distrotheque Maintainer

twit: tropicalicecube web: tropicalicecube.zenerves.net mail: tic /AT\ zenerves.net Mob 012 561 005

--Fedora 7 / Enlightenment DR16--

Disclaimer: This "Newsletter" intends to be low-traffic and informative, to be sent maximum of once a week. The editor chooses which groups/lists to send this newsletter to and is a member of said groups/lists. If you think it is inappropriate, please bring your complaint to your group/list administrator to ban me from sending to the group.

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