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Laptop to PC

The following line works from my main Desktop to grab the Download folder in the laptop and update the contents of my drives on this Desktop:

jphf@DC266 Download]$ rsync -v -r f9@F9E:/home/f9/Download/* /sharedraid/matos/

you don't need to be root,

rsync is the name of the software you use to "Remotely Sync" folders,

-v or --verbose stands for, well, verbosity and does that,
-r or --recursive tells it to dig down further into the Directory Tree, otherwise it just catches files in the source folder,

First, your SOURCE target:

f9@F9E tells it to log as user f9 on the remote F9E machine, our laptop
f9@F9E:/home/f9/Download/* tells it then to take ALL in /home/f9/Download/

that of course only works if you declared your machines in /etc/hosts; otherwise, just use their IP addresses, it'll do the same

Then, your RECEIVING target:

/sharedraid/matos/ is where I will get all the F9E Download's folder items.

That's useful because it's the Laptop, being the less Energy-Hungry, that does all the downloads here on a quite 24/7/365 basis (What I do with all these bytes is my problem) and today my wife leaves on duty travel and needs it, so I will continue the last tor rent with this PowerHog of DualCore 2.66.

Pod to PC (on same machine)

Now then, what about old-school filesharing, pod-exchanging? In all fairness, updating the music folder should be:

jphf@DC266 Download]$ rsync -v -r /media/YOURIPOD/path/to/wusic/* /path/to/your/music/

That's with your pod attached to the same computer, and that's too with a non-mac pod that runs RockBox :)

Movies on Laptop to Desktop (over network)

Movies from Laptop to RAID array on DC266

rsync -v -r f9@F9E:/home/f9/Videos/* /sharedraid/movies/

from netbook, take from Laptop

From Acer, get Pictures from Asus to AcerOne, the whole shebang:

 rsync -v -r f9@AA1:/home/f9/Pictures/* /home/user/Pictures/

Summary again

 from receiving mahine: rsync -rv user@machine:/path/to/folder /path/to/folder/to/copy/to

 from old, sending machine: rsync -rv /path/to/archive user@machine:/path/to/folder
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