Realtime Audio Workstation on Slackware

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Slackware hasn't got a dependency system. here is the schematic of what you'll need to build a full Audio Workstation with Slackware

[This is also valuable information if you just want to build yourself from latest sources a complete Ardour stack on any machine.] For the Realtime kernel part, please check them here:

(Don't expect your proprietary nVidia graphic drivers to work with them tough)


Dependency in discovery order

(see below for Build Order)

they, in turn, require lot more of course.

You may need also, depending on your hardware and formats requirements:



Pulseaudio will need a pulse group/user to run. You can add one with
# groupadd -g 214 pulse
# useradd -u 214 -g pulse -d /var/lib/pulse pulse
or something similar. See

jackd has to run with realtime priviledges. One way to do this on Slackware would
be to use set_rlimits. Since 12.2 there's another way, though experimental. If
you have a filesystem that supports posix capabilities (reiserfs does not), you
can grant jackd the rights to run in realtime mode, even when started as normal user
with the following command: setcap cap_ipc_lock,cap_sys_nice=ep /usr/bin/jackd

Build Order

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Proper Sound Software :)

(Of course, you could just use which has everything, including an excellent RT kernel working out of the box.)

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