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Next Byte Codes Compiler version 1.0.1.b35 (, built Wed Apr 2 21:09:33 CDT 2008)

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    Copyright (c) 2006, John Hansen

Syntax: nbc [options] filename [options]

  -S=<portname>: specify port name (COMn or usb), resource name, or alias
  -BT: use bluetooth
  -d: download program
  -b: treat input file as a binary file (don't compile it)
  -q: quiet
  -n: prevent the system file from being included
  -D=<sym>[=<value>]: define macro <sym>
  -x: decompile program
  -Z[1|2]: turn on compiler optimizations
  -O=<outfile> : specify output file
  -E=<filename> : write compiler errors to <filename>
  -I=<path>: search <path> for include files
  -nbc=<filename> : save NXC intermediate NBC code to <filename>
  -L=<filename> : generate code listing to <filename>
  -Y=<filename> : generate symbol table to <filename>
  -w[-|+] : warnings off or on [default is off]
  -EF : enhanced firmware
  -safecall: NXC will wrap all function calls in Acquire/Release
  -api: dump the API to stdout
  -help : display command line options
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