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Journal of a typical install of debian testing from 30/01/2010 from FULL DVD1 + live update from TW repos

[Downloaded with jigdo. jigdo is really cool, and saves the planet too)

Targets: Objectives that has to be fulfilled...

- Suspend/resume - ok, I know we may have to hit Alt+F7/8 in order to get to it...
- 3G as Modem - Debian is the best, and NetworkManager 7.999-2 seems to do it even better
- Wireless - Strangely, a bit of an underperformer with DHCP; but works.
- NFS network sharing - out-of-the-box so far
- OpenOffice - Included in DVD1
- VirtualBox - lots of ugly warnings :(
- SSH - Don't miss the group install options upon install - tick ssh server
- Remote Desktop - A Pain, vino doesn't work, x11vnc isn't that stable
- mp3/dvd playback
- Bluetooth - A pain, temperamental, but essentially possible to send from desktop to phone.



Files to save from previous install

(obviously depends on your hardware)

*/etc/apt/sources.list (+ any variation/backup you may have done)
*iwlwifi-3945-1.ucode and -2.ucode - put them at the root of a thumbdrive, it'll save you stupid hassle later
*rt18168d-1.fw and -2.fw - if available at all
*Theme/walls you like

Make ready


Installer Config

*Asks for iwl files for wireless card,
*If wired, autoconf succeeds bringign network up out of eth0
*Give Hostname, domainname is optionnal, and won't relust in stupid 'unknowndomain' addresses
*Prepare harddrives: manual mode sda2 /home, sda3 /swap sda4 /root here,
*Installs the base system,

Installer Run

Installer ends

(Installer ejects the cdrom)


Log in


Default gnome a bit bland but all is there, including gconf-editor, wifi OK if the driver was at the root of the thumbdrive.

Sessions, Configurations...

Stuff you need to fix, stuff you need to add, stuff you need to remove...

Removed in /etc/udev/rules.d/11--hplj10xx.rules; causes warnings, and I don't have an hp anyway.
Mod'ed user d6 to uid 500 so it's the same as old Fedora, can browse f9 files. 
(As a Consequence, d6 disappear from usermanagement panel because it is 'under' 1000...)
If you want AutoLogin, then change the minimal IUD in System>Admin>LoginWindow, tab Security.

Need to edit /etc/login.defs, changed all 1000 values to 499

Nautilus in single-one-window-per-folder mode. --fixed 'preferences, behaviour, always open in browser'

Hardware keys OK sound, brightness, run, lock... A first with this machine, thanks to asus_laptop driver.

visudo works; user is now able to do stuff :)

Installed xterm from DVD repos on nas server. Cool, ZERO download; then, the pc doesn't shut down because it can't unmount stuff from inside another mounted system (the iso is on a NAS. Stupid)

VNC doesn't work, still, and again, while vino-server is running but denies connections from both krdc and vncviewer.

Bluetooth doesn't work; sees hardware but no file transfer; can send sometimes.


commented out eth0 from /etc/network/interfaces so that NetworkManager becomes the real boss.


* xterm
* gpm - ok with mouse, but split-click doesn't work on touchpad
* ??acpi-support + pm-utils??


* bluez
* gnome-user-share
* gnome-bluetooth
* vino, vino-server
* cheese
* evolution
* evolution-common
* toshset


* /etc/apt/sources.list (currently to DVD.iso on my NAS)
* alt+F3 starts xterm

Propulsion of Shit towards the Fan

read: stuff that really get on my tits

So many udev warning

wrong fonts on startup console

The system once again complains that some software are to be removed because no longer needed... Yeah, got that one already: Why not remove ekiga, or the calculator... Or gdm! That's a bug.

Sleep doesn't properly work. Used to, though.

Fighting VNC too

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