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   * What do you want to accomplish with your website?

Build _the_ resource center for Open Source in Cambodia.

(...Huge tires screeching noise...)

- wait, stop that: it's stupid, it's only me and I know nothing much can emerge from the present situation.

Do we just need to build another fucking open-fucking-source fucking community? Bound to fail like khmerfoss or

   * What is the nature and quantity of content you wish to present?

Bottom line: keep an actual list of available software (Yeah, I know it's all on the already, I do, it's totally stupid.)

Wildest dreams: Someone else starts to fill content.

Reasonable opportunity: I follow the news and update with whatever local stuff I can find. (yes, it is already in the Newsletter, no need to push that button either).

 This whole part would be actual cool, really.

   * Who is your audience, and how do you want to interact with them?

That is to be assessed - issue is to have gather an active, reactive audience that do stuff, not just complain about stuff.

   * What types of budgets or timetables are you working within?

Money: Zero. Time: Half-Time, just me. But I love 'tropical ice cube', it's my baby and I won't kill it for them.

Up... to you guys, I am curious. This was obviously rather not nice just to check if people _do_ make the effort to at least check on sent links on the 'We are a Great Community help us help Each Other' tune.

 The author of this pile of... WTF anyway, is Jean-Philippe Monteiro, 
 the guy behind, and I am assuming it. 
 Write to jph //with// with your own complaints - I know you are good at that. 
 Or call 012 561 005 :)


By order of "If you can't do it, no need to go to the next step":

--Maybe the Menu "DISTROthèque" should be a page with links to "Linux/Ubunu Linux/Slackware" & such--

Aaargh. Al this to get a site 10 times slower, that you can't update with a simple text editor anymore. Have you seen the time it takes when it (tries to) work? From "Save" to "New" it's anything up to 30 seconds - that is the total time it takes me to commit changes to ALL 5 pages of with the latest news for the whole week.


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