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[My apologies if you receive this message 2 or 3 times: it means you are a very committed person registered to the 3 fine groups I send this NewsLettre to!]

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Howdy, Nixettes and Nixers!

Welcome to issue 7 of the Tropical Ice Cube Newsletter,

your weekly dose of OpenSOUrce news here in Phnom Penh.


Debian 5 "Lenny" is out!

And for all of us, non "ubuntu-latest-latest-bigger-number-means-better-software" freaks, it is great news to welcome the release of a stable Linux distribution that you will be able to confidently install on your system without already thinking of doing it all over again in 6 months. Debian is your Rock Solid choice for anything: running a server, a graphic workstation, host a coimmunity website, build a mediaplayer, or just be your everyday desktop workhorse: Debian is all that thanks to its Synaptic package management system and more than 17.000 tried, tested, stable software available in their repositories. And trust me: they worked on it for 22 months before deeming it good enough for us, mere mortals! If that doesn't tells you something is wrong with Ubuntu, then I don't know what can.

Downloading Now, expect them in 2 days (cd versions) to 8 days (full dvd's), follow me on twitter or facebook (see below) to get updated on availability and receive yours for free.

Latest downloads:

Ubuntu 8.04.2, a fresh re-spin of 8.04.2 with all up-to-date packages inside for a lighter updating process after initial install. All available, 32/64 bits, Home & Server.

ArchLinux now available for 32 bits platforms. Geeks, warm up your Code, Arch isn't for noobs!

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SHOWCASE: Archlinux

http://archlinux.org - I became interested by ArchLinux when I first read about their latest release on http://distrowatch.com, but also when I realised my MonsterGaming LiveDVD from Linux-gamers.net was in fact based on Arch - I can tell you it is a realyl fast, unobtrusive distro that is very successful at delivering graphic-heavy 3D shooters from a live disc . Anybody interested may ask for more: Arch is a rolling-release, which means you update it continuously, you never re-install or have to switch to newer version, you can just keep it up-to date for as long as you are able to maintain your own config files tidy. Arch 2009.0 is definitely going to replace Sabayon4 here @ Tropical Central as Second/Rescue/Testbed distro on my alternate hard drive. May it surpass my Slackware12.2? We'll see! In the gaming department, if for that alone, it surely will!

LATEST Additions to the DISTROthèque Repository:


Hacker Delight:

Arch 2008.1

Ubuntu is a drug:

32 and 64 bits, Server and Desktop editions of 8.04.2 LTS, latest re-spin of the long term support U.

Linux, boxed:

Ubuntu 8.10 Box-Editions - real, shiny ones! KhmerOS openSUSE 11 - fresh from the Open Institute.

Linux, latest:

Mint6 and openSUSE11.1 came afresh thanks to my subscription to LinuxFormat magazine - this DVD's come with lots of additional goodies.


eBox 0.12.3 server for easy administration of corporate networks.

!! Don't Forget !!

The Tropical Ice Cube always keep the 10 most important Linux Distributions available in their most recent release figure - JUST ASK!

This Week recommended READINGS:

New is BAD, new is SLOW (stop upgrading like mad):


SocioGeeks special: Mix Gmail and FaceBook!


Don't click on just about anything. Just don't, ok?


As Ever, always available:

OpenSource Software for M$:

Firefox 3 - get rid of Internet Explorer!

OpenOffice 3 - get rid of Word/Excell/etc!

The Gimp 2.6 - get rid of Photoshop!

Thunderbird 2 - get rid of outlook/outlook express

VLC 0.9 - Well, VLC is better than anything else really.

And the Same in Khmer:

[check http://www.khmeros.info for more]

OpenOffice - full offoce suite

Moyura, Email client

Merkhala, Web browser

+ Unicode Typing Trainer for Windows and more.


T.I.C could benefit from your help: see http://tic.zenerves.net/faq.html#contribute to check how you can participate in this project and help spread Free Software further in Phnom Penh and Cambodia.

TwitMe! Hook to http://twitter.com/tropicalicecube.

Spread the newsletter! Send it to your friends,

get them to register to the

Phnom Penh Linux User Group

(Yes, that is the PPLUG)



"Send a Text Message, Receive Linux for Free"

Getting your computer running Open Source, free software has never been so easy in Phnom Penh: Just 
send us a Text Message from your Mobile Phone, and get the Linux Distribution of your choice, for 

Text/call on 012 561 005 with either:

 Your request for Linux distro, with pick-up yourself at my office: I will reply with street 
 address and delay/time to pick up the disc;
 Your distro request with your street address and possible hours for delivery; cost is 1usd per 
 disc/dvd, Business Hours best.

This newsletter brought to you by

Jean-Philippe Monteiro

The Tropical Ice Cube

DISTROtheque Maintainer

twit: tropicalicecube

web: tropicalicecube.zenerves.net

mail: tic /AT\ zenerves.net

Face: Tropicalicecube Phnompenh

Mob: 012 561 005

--Slackware 12.2 / Enlightenment DR16--


This "Newsletter" intends to be low-traffic and informative, to be sent maximum of once a week. The editor chooses which groups/lists to send this newsletter to and is a member of said groups/lists. If you think it is inappropriate, please bring your complaint to your group/list administrator to ban me from sending to the group, but first please consider other members of the group may enjoy reading it!

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