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Tropical Ice Cube Newsletter #12: Small Penguins and Discrete Devils
From: "Jean-Philippe 'Tropical Ice Cube' Monteiro" <jph~BY~zenerves.net>
To: pplug~BY~googlegroups.com, barcampphnompenh~BY~googlegroups.com, jugcam~BY~googlegroups.com
Date: 09/03/25 - 15:34

[My apologies if you receive this message 2 or 3 times: it means you are a very committed person registered to the 3 fine groups I send this NewsLetter to!]

Do you have some OpenSource local news to share? Send it to tic/AT/zenerves.net! If you have the bandwidth, share with others! Most Linux Torrents can be found here: http://www.linuxtracker.org/

Howdy, Nixettes and Nixers!

Welcome to issue 12 of the Tropical Ice Cube Newsletter, your (quite) weekly dose of OpenSource news here in Phnom Penh.


MoonOS 2 "Kachana" is out! get this Khmer-authored, Khmer-themed Ubuntu LiveCD derivative from TIC now! As usual, all you have to do is text me on 012 561 005 to grab yours! See below for more info.

OpenSolaris running on a NetBook anyone? Paul just wrote me yesterday, having succeeded in porting the latest version of OSOL from SVN on his tiny Acer Aspire One. +5 Nerds point to Paul for this achievement, and more ressources in the Links section of this Newsletter.



When do I need an anonymiser??

Mainly, I use them when I am in a cyber-café with my laptop or the WiFi of a hotel so that my online passwords and activity cannot be grabbed by the café or the ISP.

Your privacy is what you do with it: everyone has the right to close the curtains of his bedroom, and this is just about the same with computers; if you don't close the curtains, well, anyone can have a good look at your own private life!

Join the Facebook Tropical Ice Cube Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=62414700265

Follow my twitteries to learn about latest downloads: http://twitter.com/tropicalicecube


MoonOS 2 "Kachana"!

MoonOS is a complete, Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the Enlightenment 17 desktop manager and imaginative, original artwork. A project created and designed by Cambodian artist Chanrithy Thim, moonOS is intended as an operating system for any desktop, laptop or virtual machine. Chanrithy crawls the web under the nick of '12rithy' and is, as he quotes himself 'mostly with the Open Institute'

As a big fan of Enlightenment myself, I ran moonOS 2 'Kachana' in a virtual machine, and I love it. For all of you out there that thinks a computer, Linux, or Ubuntu for that matter always look the same, you ought to try this combination of well-supported, famous linux distribution with ultra-quick, shiny new window manager and Chanrithy's artwork on top - it will blow your sock off!

I will meet Chanrithy soon and share with you more about this quick, superb, ubuntu remix

LATEST Additions to the DISTROthèque Repository:


-MoonOS 2 "Kachana" DR17 Edition - See 'Showcase'

-Privatix 9.03.15 - Live Linux privacy/anonymiser tool

-AnonymOS 2006 'Chmoo' - Live NetBSD privacy/anonymiser tool for older hardware

-Phantomix 4.02 - Live Linux privacy/anonymiser tool for older hardware

This Week recommended READINGS:

The war between theses small kids on the tiny Linux block:

The DamnSmallLinux view:


The Other Side view:


Opensource isn't foolproof, idiotproof or, for that matter, ego-proof either. Let us remind that lesson when the human side of us interfere with a great project.


So, Linux isn't obscure enough for you and you want to run OpenSolaris on a netbook?



Ok, after the quite indigestible one on Damn Small Linux, let's go to the good news:

A new Linux Kernel is out - Linux 2.6.29 kernel released on 23 March, 2009.


The Tropical Ice Cube - To boldly go where no penguin has gone before!

!! Don't Forget !!

The Tropical Ice Cube always keep the 10 most important Linux Distributions available in their most recent release figure - JUST ASK!


As Ever, lots of OpenSource Software for M$ Windows too!

"Send a Text Message, Receive Linux for Free"

Getting your computer running Open Source, free software has never been so easy in Phnom Penh: Just 
send us a Text Message from your Mobile Phone, and get the Linux Distribution of your choice, for 

Text/call me on 012 561 005 with either: 

* Your request for Linux distro, with pick-up yourself at my office: 
I will reply with street address and delay/time to pick up the disc; 

* Your distro request with your street address and possible hours for delivery; 
cost is 1usd per disc/dvd, Business Hours best.

This newsletter brought to you by

Jean-Philippe Monteiro

The Tropical Ice Cube

twit: tropicalicecube

web: http://tropicalicecube.zenerves.net

mail: tic /AT\ zenerves.net

Face: Tropicalicecube Phnompenh

Facebook Tropical Ice Cube Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=62414700265 Phnom Penh Linux User Group: http://groups.google.com/group/pplug

Mob: 012 561 005                                    


This "Newsletter"  intends to be low-traffic and informative, to be sent maximum of once a week. The editor chooses which groups/lists to send this newsletter to and is a member of said groups/lists. If you think it is inappropriate, please bring your complaint to your group/list administrator to ban me from sending to the group, but first please consider other members of the group may enjoy reading it!

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